Making music and things .

I have been performing music in one way or another since I began learning the guitar at age 11. These days I perform solo- electric indie/folk, and acoustic folk-inspired tunes with my band: Pete Renzullo (Scudley Records) on Guitar and Mandolin, and Dean Lucas on double bass. We have been performing together for about four years and have been lucky enough to play all around the place for all kinds of people, including at the Nannup music festival (– where we won the industry choice emerging artist award), As support for Mali (front woman of U.S band Jaggery) at the Ellington Jazz club and at wineries, in the street, and at a gazillion other venues all over Perth and South WA.

I am working on a collaborated album with my good friend Elliott Bennett which will hopefully be compiled by mid 2018, for release later in the year. 

Songwriting-wise and sound-ly speaking I am (as is usual) currently developing my style and sound in to something new. A bit darker and more raw. More revealing but in the shadows. Or something.

Probably it will be more of a combination of all the different sounds I have experimented with over the years, I have been in a fairly diverse range of bands – from solo acoustic folk stuff, to being basically a Gillian Welch tribute act for a few songwriting-drought years, to the all girl pop-punk band in high school, the nu-metal band as a young adult… All that at once maybe, but braver. And messier. And mad.

And then there is the influence of all the music I have listened to/am listening to. There was a point where I really stuck to my trusty old favorites, but suddenly I have found a whole bunch of bold women making all kinds of music (thanks internet/local music scene…)  that have inspired me to really try to get to the really authentic raw stripped back music creating version of myself and re-think what my priorities are.

I have had it up to HERE (use your imagination for that one) of people asking me ‘where I want to ‘get to’ with my music’ and what my goals are. I feel like I am so close to living it, all I have to do is get deep and real about it and I’ll be there. It’s not about making it, and I honestly don’t know what I will say to the next person who asks me about ‘making it’…

So that’s that.


Um, welcome.


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Thanks a million xx