A Change. 

So in a few weeks time I will be moving with my fella to the other side of the country for about four months. We will drive. With a dog. I’m sure it will be fine… It’ll be a shame to not be able to stop in national parks because of the creature, but it’s OK.



A couple of weeks ago I set up a studio in a secret location to do some recording for my next release/creation. I got some ideas out, but wasn’t really satisfied with my pace, and wasn’t able to get in the zone... so I will be lugging the IMac back to studio TEX next week to see what else I can muster up.

I think it will be better.

 I went to an incredible workshop a couple of months ago about working with the feminine cycle to make better use of your time – and I thought that planning my studio time during my ‘creative’ phase might be the key to genius, but now I am thinking that the dynamic phase (the more hard work-phase) might be more the go…

We’ll see.

I’ll let you know.

 Or you’ll hear it, or you won’t.

Aaaanyway, then the plan is to do most of the editing and MIDI stuff while I am away, in the paradise that awaits, Nimbin. I have faith that this is a good plan.  


I can listen to track one of Brian Eno's 'Music for airports' for infinity without tiring of it. It is definitely perfect 'packing everything to go in storage for four months without losing your mind' soundtrack material. 

March 11th 2016

So, I went to see Sufjan Stevens at Red Hill last week, and it was glorious and he was angelic and brilliant and at one point I got so caught up and in a genuine state of ecstasy and bliss and the whole world faded and I was wholly in the music and it was incredible! Indescribable. And I got to share it with my love and my sister and an Instagram friend and a few hundred people with impeccable taste in music! Absolutely one of the very best shows I have EVER seen. And the stars were out and the sunset was breathtaking. And THEN, after telling my sister how I would love to go to see the Cat Empire that Friday, she messaged me and said she had got me a face painting gig there! So not only did I get to go for no monetary cost, I got to face paint! Hold me back! It truly was some kinda week...

February 1st 2016

The night before last I was lucky enough to head down to the Perth Concert Hall to see Gillian Welch an David Rawlings perform (almost all) my favourite songs of hers/theirs. 

It really was something else. 

I was struck by the authenticity, and I was comforted by their jokes about the songs being quite downbeat. I suffer from a plague of 'play something happy' from innocent enough listeners. So to hear them playing their PERFECT songs without excuse was a breath of fresh air. 

I also liked the joke 'you sure could stack a lot of hay in here' too. Because you sure could. 

         January 3rd 2016

Did you know I got one of these little guys?

It’s the gears pedal from dwarfcraft – and it is endless hours of sonic experimenting/travel. And also one of the reasons I am grateful that our duplex neighbor is preeeatty deaf.

I don’t know how I will ever nail down a sound for a particular song or moment; I might have to put dots next to the knobs as a map because I am so forgetful.

Have you watched any of the dwarfcraft demo videos on youtube? They are pretty hilarious and super entertaining so I definitely recommend you go check them out if you have a few minutes (or hours if you follow the trail like I did).